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Class Teacher: Miss Gilfoyle

Teaching Assistant: Miss Whyte


If you do not have your child(s) Times Tables Rockstars login details, please email their name and class to: rockstars@stpeter-stpauls.wirral.sch.uk and we will reply to you with the login details in due course.

Target work

Don't forget to tweet us: @SsPeterPaulSch. We miss you all and would love to see how you're spending your time at home, whether that be completing work, creative activities or spending quality time with your families. 

Please take a look at our statement and additional resources on the "General Home Learning" class page to see expectations of children during this time.

Why not start the day with a PE workout from body coach Joe Wicks? - Click here

In addition to the work detailed below, we ask pupils to work through Set A of the CGP Practice Papers over the upcoming weeks. Although the KS2 SATs are no longer due to take place this year, keeping these skills sharp is crucial. Once you have completed them, please use the mark scheme provided within the pack to mark the tests (there is a child friendly mark scheme too). We would be grateful if parents could take the time to go through the answers with your child/children. Please do not yet start Set B as we will save them until later in the year! You will be advised as to when this should be. 


Over the next few weeks in class we would have been revisiting, revising or exploring the following activities in our Grammar lessons. Some of these topics we revisit regularly to consolidate pupils understanding. For each objective you will find a PowerPoint and two activities:

Using relative clauses beginning with who, which, where, when, whose or that

Relative Clauses PowerPoint

Activity One - Click Here

Activity Two - Click Here

Using modal verbs to indicate degrees of possibility

Modal Verbs PowerPoint 1 and Modal Verbs PowerPoint 2

Activity One - Click Here

Activity Two - Click Here

Using adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility

Adverbs PowerPoint 

Activity One - Click Here

Activity Two - Click Here

Using brackets, dashes or commas to indicate parenthesis

Parenthesis PowerPoint

Activity One - Click Here

Activity Two - Click Here

Expanded noun phrases

Expanded Noun Phrases PowerPoint

Activity One - Click Here

Activity Two - Click Here


Any 5 of the 60 second reads from Twinkl, these can be downloaded further down the page.


Please try to complete an extended piece of writing each week. This could be anything from a diary, an email to a friend or a story. For those looking for inspiration, Story Starter! from Pobble365 is a great place to start. Here is a list of the Year 5/6 Writing targets, highlighted are targets which have been revisited and taught so far this year. When completing your piece of writing please include as many of these targets as possible and remember to use the Year 5/6 words where possible. As always, don't forget to edit and improve your writing.


Please spend time practicing each of the following spelling patterns on Spellingframe. Try to spend up to 20 minutes practicing spellings each day, you might decide to focus on one spelling rule per day. Complete the test after your practice for each of the following:

Spelling rule 37 - Endings with sound like /ʃəs/ spelt -cious or -tious

Spelling rule 38 - Endings which sound like /ʃəl/ (e.g. social, crucial... etc.)

Spelling rule 39 - Words ending in -ant, -ance/-ancy, -ent, -ence/-ency (1 of 2)

Spelling rule 40 - Words ending in -ant, -ance/-ancy, -ent, -ence/-ency (2 of 2)

Spelling rule 41 - Words ending in -able and -ible. Words ending in -ably and -ibly (1 of 2)

Spelling rule 42 - Words ending in -able and -ible. Words ending in -ably and -ibly (2 of 2)


Over the next few weeks we would have been covering the following objectives in Maths. For each objectice you will find links that take you to relevant PowerPoints and activites for the your child/chidlren to access, use and complete. In addition to these activities White Rose maths updates their links weekly, so more work is always available there. 

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages:

Recall and use equivalences between simple fractions, decimals and percentages - Click Here

Solve Problems involving the calculation of percentages and the use of percentages for comparison - Click Here

Ratio and Proportion: 

Please work your way through the lessons here before completing the individual activities below - White Rose Year 6: Lessons 1 - 5

Solve problems involving similar shapes where the scale factor is known or can be found - Click Here

Solve problems involving the relative sizes of two quantities where missing values can be found using integer multiplication and division facts - Click Here

Solve problems involving unequal sharing and grouping using knowledge of fractions and multiples - Click Here


Recognise that shapes with the same areas can have different perimeters and vice versa - Click Here

Recognise when it is possible to use formulae for area and volume of shapes - Click Here

Calculate the area of parallelograms and triangles - Click Here

Calculate, estimate and compare the volume of cubes and cuboids - Click Here

In addition to the above work we ask that pupils spend time every day on TimesTable Rockstars (Link can be found futher down the page).



Video clips by topic - Click Here

Activities - Click Here

Games - Click Here



World Geography Games - Click Here

Daytime Geogglebox - Click Here

Evening Geogglebox - Click Here


Weekly WW2 History Lessons by Liverpool War Museum on Facebook Live (also uploaded to Youtube) - Click here


Please pick an activity from the BBC ten pieces section on the 'General Home Learning' page. It has a number of activities alongside lesson plans for exploring a range of classical music. 


Why not try out some of the activities for children on the Tate Kids website? - Click Here


General Home Learning Links

We have listed some free home-learning resources that you may be interested in completing with your child(ren). Please click on each link to download and access the materials.

TWINKL Year 6 Interactive Closure Pack.

Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack Year 6 (zip file)

Tts Home Learning Book (age 7-11)


Religious Education (RE)

"The Lent calendar is full of simple ways for the children to focus on helping others in need, and developing a sense of the wider world, and how we serve God when we serve others." To access the Mission Together Lent Calendar click here.

"Follow our 2020 online Lent calendar to reflect, pray and take global justice actions throughout the season of Lent." To access the CAFOD Lent calendar click here.

"Prayers and resources for children's liturgy catechists.In the Year of the Word, use these Gospel reflections, prayers, songs and activities to help children listen to the God who speaks" To access the Children's liturgy page click here.


Physical Education (PE)

Please click on the logo to access each website.

“Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts”


“Kids need to be active for 60 minutes a day. From our fun 10 Minute Shake Up games to information about active hobbies and sports, here's everything you need to get your family moving.”


Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation website for children.



There are a number of video guides and activities for various maths topics on BBC bitesize. Please click on the logo to access the website.


White Rose are busy preparing free packages for schools to use, including video tutorials. We will make these available here as soon as they are available.


Times Tables


Children are expected to know all of their tables up to 12 x 12 and associated division facts by the end of Year 4. Please ensure that the children keep their recall skills sharp. Please click on the logo to access the website.

The children should be reading every day. We would recommend two sessions of around 20 minutes each. Please listen to them read out-loud as often as possible and discuss any vocabulary that they are not sure of.



Twinkl 60 second reads
A short text, followed by some age-appropriate comprehension questions. Click on the image above to download the resource. 


Reading Eggs are offering a free trial to their junior reading resources - Reading Eggspress. click above to access the free trial.


BBC Bitesize

There are a number of video guides and activities around spelling and grammar on BBC bitesize. Please click on the logo to access the website.



Children need to be able to read and spell all of the Year 3/4 words. Year 5 and 6 children should also be able to read, understand and spell the Year 5/6 words in their writing . They also need to learn any spelling patterns and rules that are taught in class and then sent home. Click above to see the appropriate spelling list.



Explorify has a range of scientific investigations suitable for all ages. Click on the logo to join in.


The British Science Week website has activity packs based on ‘Our diverse planet’. Each pack has lots of activities on this theme, with anything from biological diversity and social diversity, to the diversity of knowledge and STEM careers. Click on the logo above to access the packs.

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