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"Always try your best!"


This week in school we are finding out about the jungle. We sang our Boogie Woogie song and wanted to find out about the jungle animals in it. It will help if the children can do research at home on jungle life and jungle animals. 

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We have made jungle jig saws and chatterpix animations. You can see them here on the following link...


We have also made animations of plants growing! Have a look here!




Nursery and Reception— New Life

“Jesus’ life, death and resurrection are the central event of all human history and at the heart of faith”

Religious Education Curriculum Directory

This half term, the children in the Nursery and the Reception classes will be learning about new life. They will learn about the story of the empty tomb, and learn that Jesus appeared to his disciples. The children will begin to understand the special gift of joy and peace that Jesus gave to his friends (John 20: 19-21) and can give to us as well. They will hear the story of Jesus going back to his Father and learn that   one day we shall hopefully go there too.

At home you could help your children by:                                            

planting an Easter garden

looking for signs of new life

practise the Sign of the Cross, ‘Our Father’ & ‘Hail Mary’

encouraging them to write their own prayers




We try hard every day in our phonic families. We love using phonicsplay. You can use the link below to play this at home!



We have been reading simple sentences and trying to write short sentences remembering our high 5 rules.

  • Pinchy fingers
  • Remember letter families
  • Start with a capital letter
  • Leave spaces between words
  • Punctuation!


Phonemes are a very short sound, we never put an 'uh' at the end!

m is mm not 'muh'. This helps us blend sounds together. We look out for our tricky words also, I, he, go, no, the, you, she, we, to, the, said.


Playing 'I Spy' helps us know first sounds and 'sound talking' is a good way to help us blend.

When we blend sounds we try to stretch the middle sounds e.g. c-aaaa-t.



We love to be clever counters!!

We can count together up to 100. We can count in 10's also.

We have been adding 2 or more numbers together counting how many altogether, also taking away numbers. We can record using + --  =


Double Dumplings!!

We are learning how to double numbers. We can count pairs of socks, gloves, shoes etc.


We read the o'clock time and half past on our clock every day and find 1 more than and less than a number up to 10. Using a number line and objects to count helps us!

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