Robin & Flamingo Foundation 2 2019 - 2020

Tell Teddy says

"Always try your best!"

Welcome to Foundation 2 at Ss. Peter & Paul School

Meet the Team

Teachers:             Mrs Brown        Miss Steele         Mrs Wellens

HLTA:             Mrs Riding

Teaching Assistants:    Mrs McInnes            Mrs Turner     Mrs Crossman





Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school every day

Please label ALL clothing and belongings

Don’t forget to read with your child regularly

Pleae make sure your child has their PE kit in school each week.


The Way The Truth & The Life

Reception – Getting to know Jesus



This half term, the children in Foundation 2 will be getting to know Jesus. Throughout the topic, the children will be given opportunities to become aware that Jesus has a great love for each one of us and will think of ways in which we can show our love for Jesus. They will hear that Jesus cured people who were sick and think of ways we can show our love for sick people.


At home

You could help your children by:

• saying or sharing prayers together

• talk about people who help us e.g. nurses, doctors

• talk about how we can help others

• giving them jobs which help at home



We work hard every day in our phonic families, sounding out sounds and crashing them together. We can sound words out to help us spell them also. 

We always remember to use our pure sounds, not putting an 'uh' at the end of sounds (phonemes) e.g. 'mmm' not 'muh'

Some words are tricky and we just have to take a photo of them with our izzy wizzy camera eyes and remember them e.g. the, no.

There are lots of good websites and Apps that help us to learn our phonics:

Useful websites and Apps  (this website has a cost but it there is a 14 day free trial which is worth trying out) 


There is a leaflet below, to download, that has lots of helpful hints when reading with your child. 



We love numbers! Every day we count around the clock, finding 1 more than and 1 less than the numbers..

I need to make sure I know my numbers from 1 to 10 and can write them, (and even the numbers beyond that!).

I need to check how to write my numbers, always starting at the top! There is a number mat to download that will help.

I can add objects together and can record this in different ways.



We have been using Purple Mash to create animations based on our current topic on growing.  



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