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 Tell Teddy says

"Keep your eyes watching, ears listening and always try your best!"


The Team

Class Teachers: Mrs Brown        Miss Steele         Mrs Wellens

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs McInnes            Mrs Turner     Mrs Carney

Busy jobs to do everyday

Our sound for today is 'ee'

What words do you know with this sound in? 

Ask a grown up to write some for you to read. Can you write words such as see, bee, meet?

Play 'Picnic on Pluto' on  and choose phase 3 'ee' sounds.

Try to write a simple sentence such as 'The bee is big' or try a trickier one 'Can you see the sea?' Remember to use your high 5 rules.

Count out up to 5 objects (grapes, sweets, toys, buttons etc.). Can you double the number by counting out the same amount again? How many altogether? Can you record it as a number sentence or as a part, part whole? Find the same number on each of 2 dice, count how many altogether. 



We use our high 5 rules to help us with our writing (you can download one at the bottom of the page). Try to write a sentence or two every day. Remember to say your sentence out loud and keep reading it as you write to check it makes sense. Sound out words as you write them. Use your word mat (below) to help you form your letters properly. 

Can you write sentences such as:

The cat can sit on the mat.

If you want a harder sentence try writing:

The boat can float on the pond. 

I might go to the sea.      (Did you spot tricky sound igh?)


Read every day for at least 10 minutes. You can ask someone at home to read stories to you, try to read the words you know. Read some stories by yourself. You can find good books here, pink or red level are right for most.  

Can you write about your story and draw a picture?


Practice phonics daily! There are fun games to play here and they are free at the moment. Phase 2 and 3 are good. Some phase 3 phonemes are tricky, try to learn a new one each day. Practise writing them. A grown up can help you to segment words, e.g. they say 'cat', you say c-a-t. They can also help you blend e.g. they robot talk r-u-g and you crash them together to say 'rug'. Do this with harder words like          ch-ur-ch. Use a letter line to check which family each letter belongs to and to help you write it. Try to learn tricky words by taking a photo with your camera eyes and putting the word into your izzy wizzy brain. Try to write them. There is a list of tricky words below.

Can you read and write some rhyming strings? e.g. sit, hit, lit, bit....... See how many rhyming strings you and someone at home can make.


We count around the clock every day and find one more and one less than each number. Use a 100 square to count to 100, can you count in 10s?

We have been adding 2 numbers together and showing that 2 parts make a whole. We can record this using a number line to check our number formation. Can you say which number has more things and which has fewer things in it? There are some good games to play here


Look around your house and outside for 2D and 3D shapes. Which ones can you find? Do you know their names? There are good games to help you on this website There is a shape game to download at the bottom of this page also.


Can you find some materials at home to make a boat from? Which materials float best? Which are waterproof?

Make boats of different shapes and sizes. Which float the best? Which can hold the most and still float?

Draw your boat or take a photo of it.

Here are some ideas!

General Home Learning Links

We have listed some free home-learning resources that you may be interested in completing with your child(ren). Please click on each link to download and access the materials.

TWINKL EYFS Interactive Closure Pack

Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack (zip file)

Tts Home Learning Collection for Early Years.



Religious Education (RE)


"The Lent calendar is full of simple ways for the children to focus on helping others in need, and developing a sense of the wider world, and how we serve God when we serve others." To access the Mission Together Lent Calendar click here.


"Follow our 2020 online Lent calendar to reflect, pray and take global justice actions throughout the season of Lent." To access the CAFOD Lent calendar click here.

"Prayers and resources for children's liturgy catechists.In the Year of the Word, use these Gospel reflections, prayers, songs and activities to help children listen to the God who speaks" To access the Children's liturgy page click here.


Physical Education (PE)

Please click on the logo to access each website.

“Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts”



“Kids need to be active for 60 minutes a day. From our fun 10 Minute Shake Up games to information about active hobbies and sports, here's everything you need to get your family moving.”



Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation website for children.



There are lots of maths activites and games to play on this website;. Please click on the logo to access the website.

Oxford Owl have some great advice to parents which can be accessed here.



Reading Eggs are offering a free trial to their reading resources for 30 days. click above to access the free trial.

Phonics and spellings



There are a number of video guides and activities around phonics, spelling and grammar on this website. Please click on the logo to access the website.




Explorify has a range of scientific investigations suitable for all ages. Click on the logo to join in.


The British Science Week website has activity packs based on ‘Our diverse planet’. Each pack has lots of activities on this theme, with anything from biological diversity and social diversity, to the diversity of knowledge and STEM careers. Click on the logo above to access the packs.

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