Swan Year 4 2019 - 2020

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The Team

Class Teacher: Mrs Reynolds and Miss Devonshire

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Henderson, Mrs Jones and Mrs Hayes


If you do not have your child(s) Times Tables Rockstars login details, please email their name and class to

 rockstars@stpeter-stpauls.wirral.sch.uk and we will reply to you with the login details in due course.


If you are struggling to get into a routine with your child, there is a suggested time table with daily activities on Twinkl. 



Target work


** Please see at the bottom of the page for links relating to these objectives. **



Please focus on the following Grammar aspects:

Noun phrases expanded by the addition of modifying adjectives, nouns and preposition phrases (e.g. the teacher expanded to: the strict mathsteacher with curly hair)

Use of inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech [for example, a comma after the reporting clause; end punctuation within inverted commas: The conductor shouted, “Sit down!”]

Using fronted adverbials followed by a comma. 


Please ask the children to do some pieces of extended writing for you where they include these grammar aspects. Please also look on the parent area of our website for some writing competitions your child might enjoy. 





In the last few weeks, our Maths focus has been on decimals, comparing and ordering decimals, understanding the effect of dividing a number by 10 and 100. 

We have started looking at recognising fractions, finding equivalent fractions, understanding fractions greater than 1 and simplifying fractions. 

Please practise the following:

Recognise equivalent fractions.

Simplify fractions

Money: Solve simple 2 step problems involving money (e.g. adding two or thee items, finding the change).

Measurements: converting measurements, e.g. pennies into pounds, m into km, ml into l.

Time: Read analogue clock times.

Convert between analogue and digital times, using the 24 hour clock.


TT Rockstars for Times tables. 



60 second reads from TWINKL

Also, Wirral libraries are offering access to e-books even if you don't have a library card. 

library offer


please spend 20 minutes on Spellingframe. Complete the test after your practice for:

Spelling Rule 20 - Possessive apostrophe with plural words



General Home Learning Links

We have listed some free home-learning resources that you may be interested in completing with your child(ren). Please click on each link to download and access the materials.


TWINKL Year 4 Interactive Closure Pack.

Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack Year 4 (zip file)

Tts Home Learning Book (age 7-11)

Use the opportunity to do some Philosophy based activities with your children! I've attached the weekly activity pack in the resource section at the bottom of the page. 




Religious Education (RE)


"The Lent calendar is full of simple ways for the children to focus on helping others in need, and developing a sense of the wider world, and how we serve God when we serve others." To access the Mission Together Lent Calendar click here.


"Follow our 2020 online Lent calendar to reflect, pray and take global justice actions throughout the season of Lent." To access the CAFOD Lent calendar click here.

"Prayers and resources for children's liturgy catechists.In the Year of the Word, use these Gospel reflections, prayers, songs and activities to help children listen to the God who speaks" To access the Children's liturgy page click here.


Physical Education (PE)

Please click on the logo to access each website.

“Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts”



“Kids need to be active for 60 minutes a day. From our fun 10 Minute Shake Up games to information about active hobbies and sports, here's everything you need to get your family moving.”



Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation website for children.


There is also a daily workout for kids:




There are a number of video guides and activities for various maths topics on BBC bitesize. Please click on the logo to access the website.


White Rose have been busy preparing free packages for parent's to use, including video tutorials. These can be accessed by clicking the link above.


Times Tables


Children are expected to know all of their tables up to 12 x 12 and associated division facts by the end of Year 4. Please ensure that the children keep their recall skills sharp. Please click on the logo to access the website.

The children should be reading every day. We would recommend two sessions of around 20 minutes each. Please listen to them read out-loud as often as possible and discuss any vocabulary that they are not sure of.


Twinkl 60 second reads
A short text, followed by some age-appropriate comprehension questions. Click on the image above to download the resource.

Reading Eggs are offering a free trial to their junior reading resources - Reading Eggspress. click above to access the free trial.


There are a number of video guides and activities around spelling and grammar on BBC bitesize. Please click on the logo to access the website.



Children need to be able to read and spell all of the Year 3/4 words. They also need to learn any spelling patterns and rules that are taught in class and then sent home. Click above to see the year 3/4 spelling list.



Explorify has a range of scientific investigations suitable for all ages. Click on the logo to join in.


The British Science Week website has activity packs based on ‘Our diverse planet’. Each pack has lots of activities on this theme, with anything from biological diversity and social diversity, to the diversity of knowledge and STEM careers. Click on the logo above to access the packs.




This is a fun website with games and quizzes. It also has lots of information about Germany!

There are also lots of German songs about numbers, days of the week, months, seasons, hobbies or family on youtube. 



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