Our curriculum comprises all of the learning experiences that we plan for the children to enable them to enjoy, learn and achieve. We aim to ensure that the curriculum:


Reflects our high expectations and promotes our school values.
Is broad and balanced allowing pupils to develop a range of skills and acquire knowledge and understanding.
Is enriched with exciting and enjoyable opportunities and experiences.
Promotes spiritual, social, moral and cultural development.
Enables children to develop their talents and interests.
Prepares children for the next steps in their education and for their future lives as workers and citizens.


The National Curriculum in England has undergone a process of transition over the last few years, the main goal being to raise standards. From September 2014, a new curriculum was introduced for children. This curriculum was designed to be more challenging and the content focusses on essential core subject knowledge and skills. We have therefore structured our curriculum to be a balance between stand-alone content, with discrete teaching of reading, maths and English and thematic approach where the children apply their learning in other subject areas and into a real life context. We believe that the curriculum should be directed towards the needs of our individuals, whilst ensuring that all objectives from the National Curriculum document are covered. This ensures that our children are well grounded in the key skills, knowledge and understanding.


Core subjects covered are:

  • RE
  • Mathematics
  • English (reading, writing, speaking & listening, handwriting, spellings & grammar)
  • Science
  • Physical Education

Foundation subjects covered are:

  • Art
  • Design Technology
  • Computing
  • Citizenship / PSHE
  • Music
  • History
  • Geography
  • Philosophy for Children (P4C)


Learn more detailed information regarding the Primary National Curriculum on the DfE websites below:

General information about the National Curriculum

Closing the gap with the new primary national curriculum

Closing The Gap with The New National Primary Curriculum pdf


Through the curriculum we offer at Ss. Peter and Paul’s, we aim to support every child to realise our school mission statement of "to grow in knowledge and love and walk in the footsteps of Jesus".

You can view our curriculum maps by clicking 'Curriculum' in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. These show an overview of topics and curriculum learning for each year group.

Further details on the specific coverage for each subject are contained within our subject polices which can be viewed on request through the school office.

At Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School we place great emphasis on equipping children with essential skills, that help to support their personal development and learning across all subjects. These skills are part of our everyday curriculum and routines. The skills apply to every age and stage of learning.


These essential skills are:

Literacy skills (reading, writing, phonics, spelling, handwriting)
Numeracy skills (using and applying numbers)
Information Communication Technology skills (computer skills)
Communicating effectively (speaking clearly and listening with concentration)
Learning independently and working collaboratively
Improving own learning and performance
Problem Solving
Enterprise, innovation and creativity

The personal skills we strive to develop:

A positive attitude and desire to learn
Curiosity and imagination
Independence, organisation and self motivation
Resilience and determination
A sense of achievement and self-worth
Respect for self, others and the environment



At Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School we follow the Early Learning goals for the Foundation Stage, and the National Curriculum at Key Stage 1 and 2. This means that parents and carers can be confident that children have learnt core knowledge and developed their skills and understanding within a wide range of subjects and topics, in preparation for their transition to secondary school.


The Foundation Stage

The curriculum for children in our foundation classes is based on the following areas of learning:

Personal, social and emotional development
Communication, language and literacy
Mathematical development
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Physical development
Creative development


Key Stages 1 and 2

Our curriculum is organised to ensure that all the National curriculum subjects are taught. Subjects may be taught individually, or within a topic.

The subjects the children learn are; Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Physical Education, Personal, Social and Health Education, Citizenship, Geography, History, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Music and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL).


Enriching Our School Curriculum: The Enrichment Programme

We take pride in offering a rich and vibrant curriculum with specialist teachers in German, Art,  Music, PE, Dance, ICT and Outdoor Learning. This means that all year groups have the opportunity to learn and develop skills in many different areas.


Blocked Weeks

The curriculum is further enhanced with blocked weeks and themed days to enable in depth study in a particular area.


Themed Days

Themed days are planned to enrich and bring topics alive. This has included dressing up as a Victorian and experiencing life in a Victorian School, dressing as a soldier or worker and experiencing life during World War 2. Our parent information sheet tells you what we have planned for each term. This is also supplemented with a regular newsletter to keep you informed.


Visits and Visitors

We plan visits to enhance and consolidate the learning that takes place in school and we regularly invite visitors in to school to share their expertise with the children. Throughout the year children have regular opportunities to see live professional productions and work with musicians and performers.

The curriculum maps have been updated as a consequence of the New National Curriculum. Please also view the class teacher's Parent Information sheet which is distributed to parents and carers at the start of each term.

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